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Only For Him

Only For Him

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I'd have chosen her above all else...if only I could go back.
Even if it meant I never got to kiss her, to love her, to be consumed
by the woman she is and the love she gave me. She deserves more than this...
She deserves more than this dangerous life I lead.

She was never supposed to be involved. She was mine to lust after, to have in the darkest hours of the night, to love in secret even.

The only truth I know now is that it's all my fault and it's all too late.
This can't be how our story ends.

She has no idea how much I love her and I could never live with myself if anything happens to her.

I'll burn the world down if that's what it takes.
I'm never letting her go.

Only For Him is the dark romance collection of all three books for this couple and their happily ever after. It is the complete Shame on You Series which includes Tease Me Once, I'll Kiss You Twice and Then You're Mine.

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