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Long Way Home

Long Way Home

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Jo Kingsley is having a really bad day, and nothing is going according to plan. After her life goes up in flames—literally—she returns home to Nashville to figure out her next move. Soon after she arrives, Jo finds herself alone in a bar licking her wounds when a knight in a shining leather jacket unexpectedly comes to her rescue. Suddenly, the girl who always has a plan finds herself throwing caution to the wind.

Derek Knights is longing to be free—from everyone’s expectations and from a past he can’t seem to escape. During a night out to clear his head, he meets a beautiful woman who makes him feel seen for the first time. When she disappears without leaving so much as a glass slipper behind, he’s sure he’ll never see her again—until he shows up to dinner at his friend’s house and she’s standing in the kitchen.

When Jo and Derek reconnect, they give each other the courage to be their true selves, and their lives start to change for the better. But when Derek makes a life-altering decision and is ready to go all-in with Jo, will she be ready to take the leap into an uncertain future, or will she fall back on old habits and the life she once thought she wanted? Long Way Home, the third installment of the Midnight in Dallas series, is a story about the detours we take when becoming the people we’re meant to be and the pieces of ourselves that we leave behind along the way.

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