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Feels Like Home

Feels Like Home

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Katie Kelley has all the ingredients of a happy life: a home she adores, the best friends anyone could ask for, and a job as a pastry chef that she loves. If only she could get one single doctor to take her seriously enough to figure out what the heck is going on with her health. As if that isn’t enough to send her spiraling, Katie’s boss shares some news that threatens to turn her whole world upside down. With so much on her shoulders, Katie finds comfort in the arms of a dear friend who she wishes was a whole lot more.

Dallas Stone, the namesake drummer for acclaimed rock group Midnight in Dallas, is used to setting the beat for his bandmates. But ever since their breakup, he’s the one left feeling off-tempo. Picking up the odd session gig and cheering from the sidelines as his closest friends find their happiness is nice, sure, but when will it be his turn? After his friend Katie confides in Dallas her fears about the changes happening in her life, he makes it his mission to help. As the pair grow closer, Dallas begins to see a life for himself outside of music. One with the woman he’s secretly been in love with for years.

When medical tests finally lead Katie to a diagnosis, Dallas becomes more committed than ever to taking care of her. Frustrated by his obsessive attentiveness, Katie is determined to prove she doesn’t need help. But can Dallas let go and find his own identity outside of their relationship, even if it means watching the woman he loves struggle? Feels Like Home, the fourth installment of the Midnight in Dallas series, is a story about finding ourselves in an ever-changing world and the love that prevails through it all.

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