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Everything Is Fucked

Everything Is Fucked

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We have never been freer, richer and healthier than today. Never have we had more opportunities, let alone the money to do so. Nevertheless, we feel crappy and a feeling of hopelessness is spreading. The planet is warming, governments are failing, economies are collapsing, and everyone on Twitter is constantly offended.
In Everything is Fucked, bestselling author Mark Manson takes a look at this paradox. He humorously puts our common definitions of happiness, hope and freedom to the test. Drawing on the insights of psychology and the timeless wisdom of great philosophers, he questions our relationship to money, pleasure and the internet. He proves that too much of a good thing overwhelms us and simply destroys us - but there is hope.
With his usual mix of seriousness and light-hearted humor, he challenges us to be more honest with ourselves and connect with the world in a whole new way. Because not everything is in the ass yet.

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