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Chasing Heartbreak

Chasing Heartbreak

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My life is my work.

There's nothing wrong with being a strong, career-driven woman.

And especially nothing wrong with keeping a lover on the side.

Dominic has his life in the States, and I have mine here in Paris.

It was all working just fine.

Until my former best friend suddenly shows up.

Noah Mason.

We mutually parted ways three years ago.

Noah fell in love, got married, and I didn't want front row seats filled with heartbreak.

But now he's back and throwing around the dreaded 'D' word.


Things begin to shift.

Lines start to blur.

Our friendship is taking a different turn, and jealousy is an ugly curse.

Throw in a possessive lover, and you have yourself a complicated love triangle.

The odds are somebody's bound to get hurt.

They say you should never fall in love with your best friend.

Because when heartbreak strikes and you're falling, you risk not having a net to catch you.

But what if your best friend is the right man all along?

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