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Chasing Fate

Chasing Fate

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Triangular relationship

•consist of two friends, one of which has introduced a romantic partner into their life, causing a feeling of alienation for the “abandoned” friend.

I screwed up my perfect bachelor life in one single night.
After that, I end up crashing at my cousin Charlie’s house with her family, which means kids.

It gets worse…
Charlie doesn’t care for my single life.
She has it in her head I am a heartless playboy—Noah Mason will never commit to a woman.

My only saving grace is Kate, Charlie’s best friend.
Kate is everything I need in my life right now—she’s sexy, intelligent, and willing to have unadulterated fun.
And we’re having the time of our lives.
That is until Kate dares me to commit to only one woman.
My so-called victim—a Hollywood movie star.
But I have to get past a roadblock first—her personal assistant.

Commitment is one thing, falling in love is another.
And I refuse to lose the bet.
There’s only one small problem….
Am I chasing the wrong woman?

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