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Shattered Vows

Shattered Vows

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I’m signing over my hand in marriage for six months to save my city.

That’s it.

It should be easy, except Sebastian Armanelli is my sordid one-night fling turned husband. And I’ve just found out he’s the head of the Italian Mob too.

Bastian swears he’s set on reforming the mafia though. They’re accommodating when they used to be murderous. And he’ll be amicable instead of vicious.

Plus, he agrees that it’s only six months in public. In the dark of a private night, we can do as we please. Yet, I know just how he tastes and where each one of his hidden tattoos are. I know Bastian shapeshifts as that gentleman mobster, but in the dark, he’s commanding, ruthless, unyielding.

And possessive.

He refuses to share what he’s claimed as his.
And I’m realizing that includes me–
His lawfully wedded wife.

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